Survey & Data Collection

Collecting data in general and in remote areas is often very complicated; agencies need easy data collection methods that can improve the data flow between different levels of authorities and stakeholders.
Paper based data collection tools such as questionnaires have a large degree of error and are subject to data loss. Data processing using this method is reported to be more time consuming and cumbersome which does not guarantee quality of the outcome.

Data collected through these manual methods are not standardized and therefore are difficult to process for analytical and data mining purposes. Mobile data application helps to process statistical data, this enhances data driven decision making and policy-making processes.

Our system has graphical tools automation and integration abilities that will help simplify, automate, standardize, and reduce the errors in reporting the data collected in the field

What We Offer

Our data collection will help to bridge information gaps with field workers currently using paper based reporting systems

  • Survey and questionnaire development
  • Experimental design
  • Extensive consultation with clients for household survey
  • World-wide data collection support
  • Mobile application sampling
  • GPS data (latitudes, longitudes)
  • Text data, Images data, Video data.
  • Smartphone with network protocol support (GSM)
  • Survey design and analysis tools
  • Training

Industries we support

  • Aerospace/Defense Contractor
  • Banking and other financial institutions
  • Communication Carriers (ISP, Telecom)
  • Education
  • Health/Public health/Medical
  • Retail
  • Transportation / Utilities (Energy, Water)
  • Government: Federal (including Military)
  • Travel/Hospitality/Recreation